Hi, I'm Shadaj

I like to code

I love exploring the boundaries of programming, often with Scala for its combination of functional and object-oriented concepts. I'm an incoming PhD student at UC Berkeley, supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Previously, I received my BS in Electrical Engineering at UC Berkeley, where I was awarded an EECS Major Citation for outstanding undergraduate achievement. I've interned at Google Brain, Facebook, Apollo GraphQL, Khan Academy, Coursera, and Paya Labs working with technologies such as GraphQL, React.js, Rust, and Scala.js to develop open-source libraries, educational platforms, and backend infrastructure.

I host many open-source libraries and projects on GitHub, and have a channel on YouTube. I've presented a keynote at OSCON 2014 and at Scala Days (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), GraphQL Summit, Scale By the Bay, and various other technical conferences. In high school, I was the Co-President of Lynbrook Robotics, where I led a competitive robotics team of over 100 students. I continue to be involved with the team, where I focus on introducing students to advanced control theory topics and software design principles.