I've worked at a few companies

Google Search

2021 • Software Engineering Intern

  • Intern on the Unicode ICU4X team, developing a cross platform Rust library for internationalization
  • Built Diplomat, a system for automatically generating high-level bindings in from other languages to Rust APIs
  • Developed support for compiling ICU4X to WebAssembly and using it through high-level JS APIs

Google Brain

2020 • Software Engineering Intern

  • Worked on the Swift for TensorFlow team, developing Swift as a first-class language for machine learning
  • Designed new APIs for defining neural network model architectures that enables modularity and type-safety
  • Developed new models for neural networks that align with Swift's value semantics and type-safety goals
  • Presented updates on the project at Swift for TensorFlow SIG meetings


2019 • Production Engineering Intern

  • Worked on the Ads Ranking PE team to develop machine learning infrastructure
  • Developed a new stateless alerting system to monitor model training and inference
  • Took on the primary oncall duty to fix issues blocking the online training of critical production models
  • Implemented memory instruction testing in the fuzzer of a new AOT compiler written in Rust

Apollo GraphQL

2018 • Software Engineering Intern

  • As a returning intern, I led a new initiative to develop command-line and editor integrations for GraphQL that are now in use at Airbnb and Netflix
  • Communicated with the open-source GraphQL community as the primary maintainer of the Apollo CLI
  • Created a language server implementation and VS Code extension for GraphQL development

Apollo GraphQL

2017 • Software Engineering Intern

  • Worked on the open-source team to develop the Apollo GraphQL Client, used by companies such as Ticketmaster, Airbnb, and Coursera
  • Developed a new Cache API to allow developers to plug in custom caching strategies into the client
  • Wrote several tutorials and blog posts to introduce new features to the developer community

Khan Academy

2016 • Software Engineering Intern

  • Developed new student interfaces for graphing problems on mobile devices with React.js
  • Implemented a mobile-first content editor with in-browser touch simulation used by all Khan Academy content creators
  • Contributed new user interface components to a math expression keypad for mobile devices

Paya Labs

2015 • Software Engineering Intern

  • Developed an online learning platform with Scala.js and Spray
  • Redesigned website with Material Design principles
  • Worked on frontend for student and teacher experiences with Scala.js
  • Explored student-teacher interaction through WebRTC
  • Built custom Docker images for the Drone CI system


2014 • Software Engineering Intern

  • Rewrote the User APIs using Naptime, Coursera’s library for writing REST APIs
  • Developed with Scala.js an internal API Explorer to quickly view documentation about Coursera’s REST APIs and make requests
  • Built AutoSchema, an open-source library to generate JSON Schema from Scala types