I've built lots of projects

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A library for writing React applications using Scala.js, a Scala to JavaScript compiler. Features strong type-safety for creating HTML trees and a strightforward API that mirrors React's ES6 API.


A bioinformatics library for Scala (and Scala.js) that lets you treat biological data as standard collections with memory-efficient underlying data structures.

Project Euler

Solutions to various Project Euler problems in Scala, demonstrating the use of functional programming concepts to implement algorithms


An open-source library for automatically generating JSON Schema from Scala classes. Created during my internship at Coursera.

Monkey Python

As software lead of Lynbrook Robotics, FIRST Team #846, I developed a new functional-reactive-programming architecture and Java library for robot control systems.

Hello Collidium

A YouTube video series where I build up an HTML5 physics-based game from scratch using Scala.js