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A library for writing React applications using Scala.js, a Scala to JavaScript compiler. Features strong type-safety for creating HTML trees and a strightforward API that mirrors React's ES6 API.


An interop layer for using Python libraries in Scala applications. Allows developers to maintain type safety by creating type definitions for Python libraries and supports compilation to native code for efficient interop.


A bioinformatics library for Scala (and Scala.js) that lets you treat biological data as standard collections with memory-efficient underlying data structures.

Project Euler

Solutions to various Project Euler problems in Scala, demonstrating the use of functional programming concepts to implement algorithms


An open-source library for automatically generating JSON Schema from Scala classes. Created during my internship at Coursera.

Hello Collidium

A YouTube video series where I build up an HTML5 physics-based game from scratch using Scala.js